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March 04, 2009


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I found magnet wands at WalMart - made to be used with magnetic bingo chips, if I recall correctly. They were in the same area as bingo supplies, near the kids' party favors.

Laura S.

You can download and print out some really cool classification cards to go with this work, entitled magnetic and non-magnetic. Just go to:
www.montessoriforeveryone.com . Click on free downloads and then cultural materials. Then click on Title Cards for Cultural Work. They're really cool and would add even more interest to this work. The kids in my class LOVE this work, too!


This is a classic! My son's daycare does this too, but without the classification component. They just have a jar with stuff in it and a magnet (one that looks like the magnets in cartoons) on a tray and kids can experiment with them.


O LOVES this activity! I need to get a wand to make it even more fun :)


Very fun! We were just 'testing' alphabet magnets today around the house to see where they would stick. This would be a great lesson!

I'm sure your kids LOVE it! I loved all things magnetic when I was younger. Thanks for this idea!

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