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May 10, 2009


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Thanks for sharing! Another great resource I use for math games is:
It provides a range of math teaching resources, math games, and hands-on math activities for K through 5th grade and all activities are correlated with the Common Core State Standards.

Toddler Crafts Susan


Your idea of addition and subtraction seems to be good. This type of idea we can implement to the childrens and they can also understand easily.

Thanks for this article.

Toddler Crafts Julie

The idea you have used to decorate the shelf was very pretty and articles u have added is very nice and looks beautiful to.


Great idea! I'm going to try this with my daughter. I'm also interested in how you modify it for subtraction, as I find it is often harder to do physically than addition.

The Magic Onions

What a great way to learn math... brings magic into learning.

(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

LOVE THIS and can't wait to implement it~*THANK YOU!* and WHY haven't *I* thought of this before? DOH! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


Great idea! However I'm curious how to explain using this for subtraction. Pouring the two first bowls into the third and final bowl then counting them all together is a visual for the addition. How do you physically explain doing the subtraction version of this activity?


I love this! I teach special ed. (mostly learning disabilities) 1/2 day and this is a great way to reinforce addition and subtraction. I also love your blog, as I am a preschool teacher the other half of the day. Thank you thank you!


hello, thank you for this great idea, (excuse my poor english, i'm french).


This is super, thanks! I set out a similar work for my girl and she's totally into it. Do you have a way to adapt it to subtraction? Taking things from the first bowl, putting them into the second, and then dumping bowl one into bowl three to count? Does that sound right? So far we're just adding, but subtracting could be fun too, yes?


What a great idea. I love how the child picks which manipulative to use. I'm keeping this one for the future.


This is an excellent way to show addition. I really like it. I want to adapt a work I was making, haven't put it out, just felt it wasn't quite right, now I know how to fix it. Thanks so much!


This is so great! I will definitely put this work together for my daughter.


Love it! :) How fun and practical.


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